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AI trained with the wisdom of behavioral science, decision science, and psychology.

Audit your landing page copy's
conversion like a behavioral scientist.

• Paste your landing page copy.
• Boost your landing page conversions with AI trained in behavioral science, decision science, and psychology wisdom.
• Only for cost - $2.

Audit Landing Page

Building becomes easier, marketing becomes harder.

How many of your products have failed?

Most makers struggle to effectively communicate the value of their amazing products simply because they lack marketing knowledge.

And most makers are not even aware of having a poor copy.

You might be one of them.

Failing to convey the true worth of exceptional products feels like a betrayal.

Your landing page is your sales machine.

You must describe your product there in an extraordinary manner.

You only have a few seconds to capture people's attention and persuade them.

Otherwise, people won't click that buy button.

Copy is the most crucial thing.

Design is not unimportant, but it's the copy that truly connects.

Take a look at the visuals.

Which one seems more clear and persuasive to you?

Design alone won't tell you much, but the copy reveals everything about the product.

Only Copy

Landing Page 1

Only Visual

Landing Page 2

Why just a few seconds?

We make 90% of our decisions with System 1 - the quick side of our thinking (cognitive biases, emotions, and more).

That's why you need to craft a landing page that appeals to behavior.

Otherwise, your customers:
• Won't establish an emotional connection.
• Won't be motivated.
• Won't take action - they'll procrastinate.

For instance:

• When a fly is placed in a urinal, we tend to keep the toilets cleaner.
• As the gaps between lane markings on the road decrease, we feel the need to slow down our cars.
• When something is prohibited or scarce, our desire for it intensifies.
• The value of a glass of water is not the same in your home, a restaurant, or a desert (even though the water itself is the same).

How you frame and present your products greatly influences people' s perception and value.

.. failing to leverage these insights will result in your product being lost in the noise.

So, what is the solution?

Get an audit and feedback with distilled insights from behavioral, decision, and psychological sciences.

• What motivates people to take action?
• What are the barriers preventing their purchases?
• Why do they keep procrastinating?

Behavioral economics unveils the secrets of cognitive biases, decision-making, and behavioral change.

No need for you to learn and understand it all!

This tool has been trained with distilled wisdom to audit your landing page.
Audit with distilled insights from 200+ cognitive biases.

For whom is this product designed?

Designed for makers who lack marketing knowledge or interest.

You're leaving money on the table

Increasing your conversion rate from 1% to 2% doubles your revenue.

You don't need to split atoms to go from 1% to 2%.

Simply follow the instructions and feedback in your audit to get there.

Or leave money on the table.

What do you loss?

the chance to double your income?


This product is not for profit.
We aim to help makers market their products more effectively.

Psychology Master's Degree


Behavioral Economics Consulting




You will receive 10 audit sections consisting of 10 different perspectives.

Audit Your Landing Page

Why $2 for this tool?

We believe in the "give back" culture.

Our goal is to make marketing that aligns with human psychology, rather than relying solely on rational marketing.

Many people are not yet familiar with cognitive biases and behavioral psychology.

That's why we developed this product.

Possible to market in a better and impactful way.

only for cost - $2

We building projects that people cannot ignore.

We built this tool to help makers market their products better by leveraging specific knowledge about human behavior.


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Behavioral Marketer


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